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Go hand in hand to create a better future - warmly welcome a delegation of lighting industry experts to visit Huaermei




On March 28th, the Spring Festival and Vientiane Renewal, in this warm spring and full of vitality, Zhuhai Huaermei Lighting Co., Ltd. welcomed the expert delegation of the China Indoor and Outdoor Lighting Innovation and Development Forum. The founder and general manager of the company, Mr. Geng Dapeng, introduced the company's development and product series to the experts.
Focus on the core and continue to innovate

Huaermei adheres to its own brand strategy and intellectual property strategy, encourages invention and creation, and has applied for more than 200 patents. It has been rated as Guangdong Province LED Energy-saving Lighting Engineering Technology Research Center, Zhuhai Key Enterprise Technology Center, etc. ‍‍‍

 Keep improving, quality is meticulous
In terms of product quality, high-quality raw materials are selected to ensure long product life; high-precision processing technology is adopted to ensure excellent sealing performance of products; reasonable structural design enables products to have excellent heat dissipation performance; in product shape design, the pursuit of technology A perfect fusion with art and continuous innovation according to demand. With its excellent product quality and industry-leading innovative technology, Huaermei has become a leading demonstration enterprise for the development of scientific and technological innovation in the lighting industry.

Afterwards, the delegates visited Huaermei Lighting's exhibition hall and production workshop with great interest, and gave unanimous praise to Huaermei for its complete range and high-quality products, especially for Huaermei's focus on improving lighting technology and digging deeper into products. The potential, and the ability to continuously innovate in personalization are deeply appreciated.

The tour ended successfully in laughter and laughter of in-depth exchanges and interaction between the guests and the host. Huaermei will adhere to the business philosophy of "focusing on the core, meticulous quality, considerate service, and customer satisfaction", and will continue to adhere to the concept of excellence and innovation-driven development, and continue to provide the society with excellent products and considerate services. Welcome more lighting industry experts and leaders to visit our company to discuss the new kinetic energy and new journey of the lighting industry in the new era. Huaermei is willing to join hands with colleagues in the industry to promote the development of our beloved lighting business to a higher level!