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The 21st century is an era of world economic development and an era of enhanced scientific power. Zhuhai HEM Lighting Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "HEM") condenses the gravity of the times, rides the east wind of the industry, and adheres to the beautiful vision of "every family has lighting, every family has it", after more than ten years of vigorous development and growth As an excellent enterprise integrating R&D, manufacturing, sales and service systems, the company is engaged in the production and sales of outdoor lighting products. The products mainly include LED lighting material series, high-efficiency energy-saving street lights, tunnel lights series, drive power series, garden lights , Caoping Deng series, landscape lights and other series. Products have won praise from the industry, and HEM has always silently adhered to its original intention and dedicated its modest efforts to the industry.

With the rapid development of the industry in recent years, Geng Dapeng, general manager of Zhuhai HEM Lighting Co., Ltd. has been deeply involved in the industry for many years. While deeply feeling the changes in the industry, he also witnessed the growth and progress of HEM. Beauty, feel the down-to-earth brilliance.

1. Focus on professionalism
The history of HEM's brand development can be traced back to the 1990s. The origin of the company begins with HEM plastic products. At first, the company mainly produced plastic products of various specifications and possessed a core patented technology - rotational molding. The molding process can process various large-scale hollow plastic products with complex shapes, especially all kinds of complex special-shaped lampshades. Due to the difficulty, major manufacturers came to HEM to make them. Since then, they have started with accessories for lamps and lanterns. , The production of various strange-shaped lamps and lanterns shells has become a big brand of HEM. Due to the core technology and the high ability to produce lamps, HEM has been transformed into the lighting industry, which is a matter of course.

In 2002, HEM Lighting Co., Ltd. was formally established. Adhering to the original strong manufacturing capacity of special-shaped lampshades, the company has continued to develop and grow into a landscape lamp manufacturing brand enterprise. Because the first look of landscape lights is the appearance, and the appearance is mainly shaped by the lampshade, which is also the strength of Hua Ermei. At first, the landscape light was only a partial light of the lamp head. In response to the constantly changing feedback from the market demand, HEM focused on the research and development of the whole body lighting technology of landscape lights, and has advanced to the whole body lighting stage, which makes the landscape lighting effect have a leap. development, and caused great repercussions in the industry.

There is no end to the way forward, HEM is not satisfied with only the field of landscape lighting, and then extended from focusing on appearance effects to focusing on improving the light efficiency and energy-saving effects of lamps, and developed the leading domestic festival of Sai Na. The circuit lamp technology greatly improves the light efficiency and energy-saving effect of street lamps by replacing the traditional inductive ballasts with electronic ballasts with flexible voltage regulation and the original precise positioning mirror reflectors.

With the continuous development and expansion of the company, the original factory can no longer meet the demand. In 2005, the company built a large modern factory and office R&D center building in Xinqing Science and Technology Park, Zhuhai High-tech Development Zone. In 2009, with the country's promotion of energy-saving and emission-reduction production and the development of LED, it transformed into the LED industry. From the beginning of lighting materials such as LED flood lights, wall washers, line lights, etc., to a full range of lighting products including LED street lights, LED indoor large spaces, LED power supplies, and intelligent control systems, it has become a landscape lighting. From the design of the solution to the reasonable selection of lamps, to the production and installation of lamps in the project, as well as the planning consultant of urban lighting and a comprehensive supplier of after-sales services for lamps. In 2011, it stood out in the Shenzhen Universiade project. In 2013, the company developed well and expanded its scale. Over the years, HEM has broken through all kinds of problems on the road of development by virtue of its own strength. As the industry heats up and the market opens up, HEM has made great achievements and won a place in the industry.

2. Look at the product and know the company
HEM adheres to its own brand strategy and intellectual property strategy down-to-earth, and pursues the development idea of ​​"production generation, trial production generation, research and development generation", product technology is mainly independent research and development, and innovation is encouraged. At present, the company has 57 patents (ZL 2012 1 0515259.0) authorized, including 2 invention patents, 36 utility model patents and 19 appearance patents. The company's products are widely used in road lighting, tunnel lighting, square lighting, industrial and mining lighting, landscape lighting, building lighting and other fields. Won the Excellence Award in the "Mayor's Cup" Industrial Design Competition, Zhuhai Jinfeng North Road LED street lamp renovation project won the "Zhuhai City Energy-saving Technology Application Quality Project", high-efficiency vortex convection LED street lamps, single-lamp energy efficiency real-time monitoring systems and other products were recognized For Zhuhai's energy-saving innovative technology products, LED street lights, LED landscape lights, LED drive power, energy efficiency real-time monitoring systems, tunnel lighting control systems, etc. all have independent intellectual property rights, and the precise positioning reflectors, free-form lenses, low-temperature electronics developed and developed Ballasts and ultra-high-efficiency LED drive power supplies can save energy by at least 40%, which is at the advanced level in the industry.

The company implements total quality management in terms of product quality, selects high-quality raw materials, and adopts high-precision processing technology. Products are the best way to reflect the quality of the enterprise. The innovative products launched by HEM this year interpret Huaer from the aspect of design and application. Mei's business philosophy of "focus on the core, meticulous quality, considerate service, and customer satisfaction".

In terms of product application, Mr. Geng pointed out that unnecessary product installation will increase the cause of failure and increase the cost of construction. It should be installed according to user needs. If the product supplier purely sells products during the project implementation process, regardless of the carrier of the building itself, only With the mentality of product profitability, it is difficult to satisfy the engineering effect. In the process of project implementation, it is necessary to respect the carrier itself, match the whole, and integrate into the design. On the other hand, no matter how comprehensive the supplier is, they cannot fully meet all the requirements of the designer in the process of product application. It is always advocated to know how to choose and not to complete the project perfunctorily for profit, which will not only destroy the original shape of the building, but also bury hidden dangers and cause waste.

From product design to application, HEM has always adhered to the original intention, kept improving, and strived to do better. Avoid damage as much as possible during the construction process, adopt energy-saving, low-carbon and environmentally friendly products, follow the business philosophy of weather, geography, and people, strive for survival by quality, and seek development by innovation, so as to provide the society with better energy-saving and environmentally friendly products.

Good quality is always loved by the market. HEM has successfully completed many lighting projects all over the country: such as Luoyang city lighting, Qingdao Olympic sailing base, Shenzhen Universiade lighting, Zibo National Games apartment, Kunming low A large number of lighting projects with good reputation, such as carbon center, Zhuhai street lamp upgrading and renovation, Hengqin Bridge lighting, Guangzhou Huangpu Development Zone government affairs center landscape lighting and so on.

HEM always adheres to the pursuit of quality excellence, innovation-driven development, and provides the society with better energy-saving and environmentally friendly products and more considerate pre-sales and after-sales services. It is determined to become a symbol brand of outdoor lighting, and also make its due contribution to China's energy-saving and low-carbon cause.

3. Look at the industry and talk about trends
Looking at the entire lighting market, the projects are similar, and the city has lost its original cultural heritage. With the widespread application of lighting, "light pollution" has also become the top priority of today's lighting industry. How to reduce light pollution? Geng always has his own unique views and ideas: Party A plays a crucial role in the control and requirements of the project during the construction process. Manufacturers, engineering companies and construction units must cooperate and cooperate with each other in a responsible manner, and do not make wrong choices in pursuit of maximizing profits for petty profits. When choosing lamps and lanterns to install, use the appropriate light source and lamp size, rather than all high-power lamps, to fundamentally reduce light pollution, reduce post-operation and maintenance costs, return to the essence of lighting, and create a comfortable and pollution-free light environment.

With the popularization of the Internet and the rapid development of science and technology, "smart lighting" is more and more mentioned by everyone. The great development of intelligence has also had a profound impact on the lighting industry. Many manufacturers have successively launched intelligent products to cater to the market development trend and attract the attention of users. The benevolent see benevolence, the wise see wisdom, and intelligent lighting is a big concept. Mr. Geng believes that based on the current technical level, the development of intelligence is not perfect, and the current stage of intelligent lighting is more functional lighting. As a technology-based enterprise, HEM pays special attention to the functional application of lighting products. Most of the smart lighting systems are based on functional lighting. Only by knowing the microscopic and doing a good job of functional lighting can better realize smart lighting. Intelligence is an inevitable trend in the development of lighting. HEM has an efficient and enterprising team. In terms of technology research and development, it will do its best to promote the intelligentization process in the future.

Nowadays, the demand for the lighting industry is getting bigger and bigger. It seems that spring is coming, but it is very stressful for enterprises. The competition among peers is ultimately based on the comprehensive strength of the enterprise. The future development will become more and more intense. Opportunities are also challenges. In the torrent of development, HEM will continue to focus on establishing a brand image, relying on technological innovation, and taking talent management as the basis to grasp the direction of market development and meet opportunities and challenges.

HEM believes that time proves quality, and credibility achieves the future!