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Focus on the core, meticulous quality - once again shine at the Guangzhou International Lighting Exhibition




From June 9th to 12th, 2019, the 24th Guangzhou International Lighting Exhibition and Guangzhou International Building Electrical Technology and Smart Home Exhibition (referred to as Guangya Exhibition) were held in Area A and Area B of China Import and Export Fair Complex , with an exhibition area of ​​220,000 square meters, a total of 3,012 companies from nearly 30 countries and regions around the world participated in the exhibition. As a well-known domestic LED lighting provider, Huaermei Lighting was invited to participate in this event and made a grand appearance at the D25 booth of the 3.1 Brand Hall in the core exhibition area.

In this exhibition, Huaermei brought a variety of LED lighting products with exquisite quality, mainly including two categories of landscape lighting and road lighting, with a total of 20 product series. Among them, landscape lighting products include: dyeing light series, underwater light series, floor tile interactive screen, underground light series, point light source series, video light series, contour light series, wall washer light series, magic flood light series, Vientiane flood light series Lamp series, invisible tree lamp series, one-degree cannon floodlight series, three-degree cannon floodlight series, window sill lamp series, ultra-high power series, bird's nest tree lamp series; road lighting products include: tunnel lamp series, low-level lighting series , High pole lamp series, LED street lamp series.

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Ting Ruo city

 CCTV media interviewed Mr. Geng Dapeng, general manager of Huaermei Lighting

Customers visit this year's new series of dyeing lamps
"Dyeing light series" is a new LED lighting product series launched by Huaermei this year. It has the following characteristics:

 Select any coordinate point to input, you can see the required color.
• Dual mode switchable: color mode, color gamut mode (HSIC);
•16-bit 65536-level grayscale, 0-100% non-linear dimming, adjustable dimming curve, brightness changes can fade in and out without jitter;
• Comply with the standard DMX512 protocol, and can be upgraded remotely;
• Can be built-in color temperature curve key points, color tolerance ≤ 5 SDCM;
•Support power-on automatic coding, no need for special equipment to write code;
•Support PWM refresh rate 3840hz adjustable to ensure no stroboscopic and streaks in the camera equipment;
• Support heterosexual loading, set arbitrary channel definition arrangement, and support arbitrary channel merging.


Foreign customers visit invisible tree light series
Huaermei invisible tree light has the following characteristics:
• Less damage to lawns
• Anti-theft function
• Self-cleaning function
• Quick installation
•Excellent heat dissipation performance
• Adjustable light distribution angle


The customer visited the Vientiane flood light series under the guidance of the sales director
Vientiane flood light series has the following characteristics:
• Simple and elegant shape;
• Built-in anti-glare device, there is no obvious glare on the light-emitting surface when viewed from one meter away from the lamp;
• Spherical tempered glass light-transmitting cover, self-cleaning without dust accumulation;
•The lamp body comes with a universal angle adjustment structure, and the light output direction of the lamp can be adjusted arbitrarily according to the needs of the scene;
•Each LED lamp bead has an independent heat conduction rod, and the temperature difference between the heat sink of the LED lamp bead and the surface of the lamp housing is <5℃;
• The base of the lamp body is perfectly integrated with the inlet and outlet pipes, and there are no exposed joints at the installation site, which is neat and beautiful.


Friends of Purcell Media praised Hua Ermei
 The 4-day Guangzhou International Lighting Exhibition 2019 has been successfully concluded. Many friends from the industry came to visit Huaermei's booth, and also visited the headquarters of Huaermei Lighting Company in Doumen District, Zhuhai. for a deeper understanding.
 As a leading provider of outdoor lighting solutions in China, Huaermei will continue to focus on the core of its products, provide high-quality outdoor lighting products and considerate pre-sales and after-sales services for the majority of the industry, create a satisfactory reputation for users, and aspire to become a leader in outdoor lighting. Iconic brand, and make greater contributions to China's energy conservation and emission reduction.